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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayers for an amazzzing lady and her Pea.

I know it's supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday", but a dear dear friend of mine just lost someone extremely special to her. Please if you would keep my friend, Vixen Kitten, in your prayers because now is just a really difficult time for her right now. She's been through so much, and I just ask that you keep her in your prayers. She's a beautiful and strong woman, and I know she can pull through; she's a special soul and has an amazing heart, so please, she deserves all the prayers she can get right now.

I really appreciate it, and I love you, VK.



Anonymous said...

I'm keeping her in my prayers.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Hey .BEEE.

What you wrote was sweet. I've heard VERY nice things about you from VK- She's very fond of you. THANKS for getting back to me & for visiting my blog- it's an honor!

.BEEE. well- get it? How many times have you heard that one. I'm not very clever. ;^)