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Saturday, June 13, 2009


With all the losses surrounding people who are close to me most recently, I've really come to realize that life is not something you take lightly. Now that's not to say to take it too seriously, either. All I'm thinking is that I really need to try to appreciate life more-mine as well as others. I need to take more time to just look around and enjoy the beauty God has given. I need to be thankful that I have eyes to see the beauty, ears to hear it, and a voice to speak out. There are some less fortunate who don't have these things which I too often take for granted.

I've never thought about how truly an animal can become a companion until recently. As you all know, a very dear friend of mine lost one of her best friends recently; her dog, Sweet Pea. It really hurts me when people act like the death of an animal is no big deal. Animals should mean just as much as people do. They feel and are capable of love, capable of hate. They bleed and mourn and get ill. So why not treat them accordingly? VK loved Sweet Pea more than anything. They went kayaking together, they walked every day, and they shared a true bond between best friends. Just because Sweet Pea was a dog, made her no less of an individual to love and care for. And that's exactly what VK did, right up until the end.
Knowing the love that VK has for Sweet Pea really made me realize that even an animal's life is precious. Especially one who has grown with you; especially one who has been there for you when no one else has; especially one who you love. Animals can be friends, loved ones, family...just as much as a human can.

I also never really realized that soldiers are dying almost every day around the world fighting wars that maybe, we don't even know about! Soldiers who are moms and dads, sisters and brothers, someone's child....just gone because they are fighting for what they believe is right and for a country that stands behind them. I never really thought much about it, to be honest, until it hit so close to home with my friend, Crystal, and her husband, John, who was killed in Afghanistan. It kills me to think about what her last words to him might have been....never knowing that they were the last words she'd ever get to say to him. Was there a phone call the night before where they exchanged "I love you's"? Did John get to speak to his children before that fateful day? I'm tearing up now thinking about what Crystal and her children must be going through. As much as Chris and I fight and argue and disagree, I can't ever imagine my life without him. And to know that he's never coming back? I just don't think my heart would be strong enough.

So you see, I've really been thinking alot lately about how important it is to not take for granted the life that you have, and the people that you have in it. Every breath we take brings us closer and closer to our last. Why take that for granted? From now on, I'm going to try my hardest to never waste a second of what life I have left.
I'm going to tell those who are close to me that I love them, as often as I can.
I'm going to get back into church more on a regular basis, because with God on my side, I can never fail.
I'm going to work as hard as I can to be the best mother and wife that I can, because Chris and Mia deserve no less.
I'm goint to make a better effort to take care of myself and my body; after all, it's the only one I get.
I'm going to see friends more, because who knows when one day, I may not be able to see them at all?
I'm going to be an overall nicer person. Kindness goes much farther than being malicious.
I'm going to try and just be better, period.

For my life, and the lives that surround me.

That's all for today.


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing post! Life is so complicated and hard to understand. I'm glad that you're trying though. I, too, have been one of those people who learned the hard way. It wasn't until the death of sister that I realized. And I realize even more, now that I'm older. Brandi, you're an amazing mother!--and I'm sure Chris would agree that you're a great wife!
Love ya girl!

April Renee said...

This post almost had me in tears. Soldiers really are dying every day. Everything you said in this post is so very true. I'm right along with you. I want to take more time to appreciate the beauty in life more & never take any day, second, or moment for granted.. ily beautiful!

C. Louis Wolfe said...

A sad, but thoughtful & well written post. VK has spoken so highly of you & after reading your post I can see why.

I know somewhat how you feel, although we all experience pain & loss differently. A friend of mine passed away last week after a long battle w/cancer, & then there's SP of course.

I'll tell you, it sucks getting older as I find myself attending MORE & MORE funerals. It's coming up on 6 yrs. since my dad died & my mom's been gone about 8 already. It's amazing how quickly it all passes.

Wow, my comments are pretty depressing, sorry!

Be well.