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Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Random 25. ( Tagged by Ashley.)

25 Random facts about me, .beee., hah! I hope I can do this....

1. I tend to worry way too much about what other people think of me. I know I shouldn't, but I do.
2. I worry about my future and I pray that it will be everything for Mia that I never had.
3. My favorite food is overloaded potato soup from O'Charleys, YUM!
4. I wish I exercised more.
5. I'm a textaholic...I'd be LOST without my phone.
6. I love anything animal print. It just makes me feel sexy.
7. I do think of myself as sexy even though, according to most standards, I'm not. I'm beautiful in my own way and my husband definitely agress *wink*
8. I feel bad for the way I treat people sometimes; I can be a not-so-nice person.
9. I have a temper just like my dad's, even though I HATE to admit it.
10. I have over 8 spiral notebooks of poetry and short stories that I've written over the years.
11. I own WAY too many c.d.'s.
12. I'm addicted to Kathy Van Zeeland handbags.
13. I miss hanging out at Baskin Robbins with April.
14. I miss Amanda almost every day, and I never want us to grow apart like what has happened in the past with a previous friend.
15. I'm not naive. Sometimes I think too negatively of people I've just met.
16. I don't forgive easily, and I almost NEVER forget if you've hurt me bad enough.
17. I love making new friends, but I tend to be too shy sometimes.
18. I got teased alot when I was younger, and I honestly believe that those closed-minded people helped to shape me into the strong woman that I am today.
19. I'm afraid I won't be a good enough role model for Mia.
20. I want to have another baby when I'm about 26. A little Micah or Marleigh♥
21. I love my job, even though it's not hard work.
22. I love taking pictures and posting them everywhere I can so that I can see them everyday.
23. Yes, I'm a Twilighter. And I loved it BEFORE the movie, lol
24. I'm a zombie whore. I LOVE zombie movies.
25. I'm independent. I've always taken care of myself, and those loved ones around me. I don't plan on stopping or changing anytime soon, either.

WHEW, I did it! And now, I tag Manda, April, and Vixen Kitten.
Have fun ladies!!!

♥ .beee.


Anonymous said...

I loved your randomness!
You, a not-so-nice person?!? No freakin' way! You're a sweet heart!

Country Delight* said...

Brandi Nicole, you better NOT care what anybody thinks about you! You know better, you are absolutely wonderful in EVERYWAY and it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks! You will be a wonderful role model for mia, she couldn't ask for a better one! I miss you everyday and can't wait for you to come see the house!! I love you honey!!

vixen kitten said...

#5 ME TOO!!

#7 Ummm...trust me...you are hot as hell, sweetie!

I've been so busy with Pea that I haven't had time to do this yet. Thank you soooo much for the tag! I should be able to post my 23 later tonight.

love you,