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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty Schnazzzy.

Today I've had a pretty schnazzy day. I feel schnazzzy with my one-side braid and my sleek ponytail--like a beautifully modern hippie ;-) Man, if I could go back to hippie days--not a care in the world except fighting for peace, smokin' green, and picking flowers to put in my hair. Oh what a life!! But, I must say that today, I can't complain about my life. It's been a good day.

Got to spend some time outdoors with Mia and get some sun. I love watching her in the pool and she looks so sweet in her bathing suit I could just eat her up, hah! It amazes me that something so extraordinary and so absolutely beautiful could come from ME! I'm at work now and thankfully I got some more scanning in today. Last night was horribly boring and my whole drive to work this afternoon I was praying "Please let me have some scanning today!" Thanks, God, for hearing my plea. Hopefully tomorrow I can work on some scanning and get in some reading as well. I've almost read the "Twilight" series for the 2nd time, I've just been waiting on "Breaking Dawn", which was being borrowed by a friend. So, she's finally finished it and supposed to be bringing it by later so hopefully I can start on it tomorrow as well. After all, I'll be here 12 hours--I think I'll have time, wouldn't you say?

Anywho-I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful weekend. Keep safe, and see you on Monday!

All my ♥

**What I've learned today: That even the smallest smile from my baby can lift the cloudiest of moods.


Anonymous said...

Aww,I love what you learned today. How sweet. No pics of Mia in the pool?!? I'm disappointed. You'll probably have the Twilight series read for a fifth time before the next movie comes out!

Patterns In The Ivy said...

hey I think i had some part of making that beautiful Baby We Call Mia Jolie Ya know ;)and i think we had a wonderful day and im happey have some more scanning to do to get you through the night but i love you have a great night

April Renee said...

What i've learned today: I'm not as hardcore a Twilight fan as you are Miss!:) I will probably read the series again...one day... but i'm looking forward to the new movie.

But i'm really hung up on the Left Behind series right now. I'm almost done, on the 10th book. They are amazinggggg.