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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Wifey!

Chris had an interview today with this demolition company and we have been praying SO hard that this job would work out for him! And guess what?! HE GOT IT! He starts Tuesday and seriously, this just proves that God truly does work in lives and that He truly does answer prayers =) Thank you again to everyone who's been praying for us. God is truly working in our life right now, and it's definitely thanks to the many prayers He's receiving from our loved ones.

I only have one picture to share with everyone today, and it's of my 2 year old niece, Pheobe. She's a MESS, but when she's sweet, honey she's ALL sugar! I've been feeling pretty crappy today-thinking that maybe my mom passed on strep throat to me, EW! So, I guess my sleepyness just rubbed off on her today. See what I mean:

She crawled up on the couch with me and I was wondering why she had gotten so quiet. When I looked down she was GONE! What a sweetie! And believe it or not, shortly after that, Mia crawled up in my lap and went to sleep too! I just hope they don't catch whatever it is that I have....

I hope everyone is seriously having a super blessed day!

All my ♥



Anonymous said...

Yay for Chris!! That's awesome! You'll be moving out in no time now! Congrats to your family!

April Renee said...

YAY!!!!!! AHHH i'm so happy for you guys! :)

I really do believe in the power of prayer.