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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


@ work again, and man is it ever hot in here. But all in all I had a really good day today. NOT so great a night last night (and that's putting it mildly), but a much better day today. Went to Target for some necessities, and it was fun because the entire fam went, so it was more like a mini-day trip♥ I had a really good time. I got a call from Chris as well and guess what? He may be getting to come home tonight instead of tomorrow, YAY! But, I'm not gonna get my hopes up cause there is still that chance that he may not be able to come home tonight. Earlier when I talked to him, they were working NON STOP because the boss lady really seemed like she wanted to get home TONIGHT! She was all pissed at some girl there who wasn't working as fast as she was supposed to, GAH! That boss lady must have something REAL important that she needs to get home to! Oh well, whatever it is, I'm glad for it because that means the sooner Chris gets to come home =-) Oh well, he's supposed to call me back and let me know, because someone will have to go and pick him up once they get in from Rome (GA, of course, hah!)\

Maybe a shopping day tomorrow with my grandmother and Mom and Miss Mia, of course. I'm looking forward to that. Finally, my sore throat is feeling better, I'm just all congested now and talkin' all funny, so be glad that I'm typing this and you're not having to listen to me talk, hah! Anywho-I guess that's it folks. Nothing really exciting to report today. I hope all is well with you and yours.

All my ♥

**What I've learned today: That even the darkest clouds have the softest silver lining. Sometimes, you just gotta look hard enough so that you'll see it.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun little day trip..I guess that's a good thing about your work schedule-you have the entire morning to do whatever you want.