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Monday, May 11, 2009

3 Days, EEEK!

Chris found out today that his new job is going to be taking him out of town for the next 3 days. Count 'em, 3. I must admit, I'm not super happy about this, but I certainly can't complain. It's been FOREVER since Chris has had a steady job, and I really want this one to work out for him. I really think he's excited about this job and I want it to be great for him. So, although I'm not stoked about him having to leave for 3 days, the only thing I can do is suck it up, think of the paycheck, and pray for his safety while he's gone. It really won't be that bad, after all. The days will most likely FLY by (I hope) and Mia is usually better for me anyway, tee hee ;) Plus, me and her will have the WHOLE bed to ourselves (yes, she sleeps with us; get over it Child Psychologist). So while I AM dreading Chris being gone (I always feel safer when he's around), I do have sweet nights of falling asleep with Mia watching Yo Gabba Gabba a million times over to look forward to♥
That just shows how I'd do anything for that little angel...hah!

So, I hope everyone has had a Marvelous Monday and is looking forward to Tantalizing Tuesday (yeah!). Be blessed, all.

All my ♥

**What I've learned today: That even death metal, hard ass, kick your face in doing the 2 step GUYS absolutely LOVE Twilight! Who knew....?


Anonymous said...

3 days!--I could barely handle it when Lyde worked night shift. I couldn't take it. You must be stronger than me! haha!

Enjoy your bed time with Miss Mia!

Shania said...

I hope those 3 days go by fast.Its great that you have your lil angel to keep you company as well.

My dear friend Bee: I have an award waiting for you on my blog. I know that sometimes I don't leave messages but it doesn't mean that I don't check your blog. Your sweetness and kindness have touched my heart deeply. Please go to my blog and claim your prize.

vixen kitten said...

My son slept in bed with me until he was almost 2. Trust me when I say he suffered no long term problems because of it!

I hope the 3 days go quickly. hang in there, sweetie.