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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


WOW...here's to yet another absolutely boring night at work =( What the heck?! I mean sure, when I've got a good book and no calls, it's a different story; I appreciate the fact that no one calls, hah! But now, since I've already reread New Moon and since Sarah is borrowing Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I have absolutely nothing to read or do. So, I decided I would just blog about absolutely nothing really.....This should be fascinating.
I'm glad my husband finally got into the whole blogging thing. Sure, he hasn't really posted anything from his heart, just mainly song lyrics he loves and quotes and poems he's found that he likes, I still think it's really helping him. See, we both have pretty bad tempers; and yes, I hate to admit that!, but it's true. I suggested to him about creating a blog and letting it be his outlet whenever he gets so angry he could spit nails! So, I am glad that he finally took my advice and created himself a blog. Good for you, DaddyOh.
As you know, we're leaving early Sunday morning for our trip to Savannah. I'm really looking forward to it, except for the drive down with a 14 month old baby and a poodle puppy that pees every 5 minutes =/ but otherwise, I'm really excited. I bet the weather is going to be sooo nice, and I just can't wait to relax and walk around River Street, do some shopping, and hopefully eat some REALLY good seafood. I can't wait to post the pictures up for you all to see =)
Oh my gah, I almost forgot! My mom had a freakin' wreck last night! My gah, the woman who hit her was BANANAS!!! I mean, she was out of her mind, sitting in her car screaming profanities and just acting crazy! She's the one who hit my mom and the woman kept trying to convince the officers that it was my mom's fault. But you know what? God took care of her! My mom ended up being just fine and the other woman got cited for a traffic violation and as the vehicle who caused the accident. I guess she'll think twice before she acts so ugly again, now won't she??? My mom was so shaken up, but she doesn't have any injuries, thank Jesus. It was just a scary experience (of course!) and a not-so-happy start to her birthday. Happy Birthday, Momma!
Anywho-another thing that I'm looking so forward to is having some family pictures made by one of my good friends, Ashley. She has been taking some amazing photographs for some other families because her sweetiepie husband bought her a great new camera for Christmas. She keeps telling me that "she's not a professional" but it's hard to believe from the way all of her pictures are turning out! They're incredible! So, I'm am so very excited to have her take some family shots of me, Chris, and Mia once the weather warms up a little bit. Thanks Ashley!!!

Since I've basically written about everything I can think to write about, I guess I'll go sit a while longer and just mess around the Internet. No more calls so far, which stinks

=( I've GOT to get a book, or at least a REALLY good c.d., to keep me preoccupied tomorrow when I don't have any calls; you know, to save all of you reading this from anymore of my inane, boredom-related blogging ventures, hah!

Peace, Love, & Boredom<3


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your mom is ok!

You are sooo welcome about the pictures. I'm super excited to do them for you!