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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Could this day be taking any longer to be over with?! I still have 2 hours to go, but it feels like a lifetime! I've had 18 calls ALL DAY...in 9 hours!!! It's ridiculous! It always seems like the time goes by so slow on Saturdays. Maybe it's just because I'm so anxious to get home to Chris and Mia. It's Valentine's Day! I should be spending it with the people I love! I have to admit, I have the most amazing family to be with on Valentine's Day. I know when I get home, I'll get a big kiss and hug from Chris, and then little Mia...she'll run at me (as fast as her stubby little legs can carry her!) and hold her arms out and say "Momma, Momma!" And she just looks at me with this little face and those big eyes...ah! She makes my heart melt. So it's not the most romantic Valentine's Day. We ordered pizza and we'll probably play a couple rounds of Bikini Samarai Squad (you know, kill a few zombies in our underwear for the greater good of mankind) and then me and Chris will put Mia to bed and have some time to enjoy each other's company.

We've each already gotten our Valentine's Day presents. We each got to spend $60 on one another. Chris mostly got football cards (which is what he wanted; he's all into those things all of a sudden =/) and I got a number of assorted things including my Team Alice phone skin, YAY! I have to admit, that this is the most money we've spent on each other for Valentine's. We normally don't do a whole lot since we had Mia. We just like to spend the time together as a family; so it was exciting to delegate some money this year from our tax refund to spend on each other. We really had alot of fun buying the gifts. I hope we're lucky enough to have extra money every year to splurge with like this =)

Tomorrow, we're going to Macon Mall to just walk around, see if we can find any good deals perhaps. We're gonna pick up Chris's cousin Cody on the way and take him along. He rarely gets to get out of the house because he doesn't have his license, so we're gonna try to get him out more often because he really is alot of fun.
Anywho-I hope we don't go crazy tomorrow at the mall. I'm looking forward to going back to church too. I feel bad because we haven't been in 2 Sundays what with Mia being sick and then our trip to Savannah; I really miss my church family and I'll be glad to be back.
How much more time now? Ah, it's 6:20. Only an hour and 40 minutes left to go! Start the countdown!!! hah!

Peace, Love, & .beee.