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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There's no place like home...

Wow, did Dorothy have it right or what?! Yes, we're home from Savannah. And unfortunately, since I'm at work right now, I don't have any of my pictures to post, but don't worry, I didn't take that many anyway. I know, I know. I don't sound as super excited as I did before we left, huh? That's because I'm not, really. I mean, don't get me wrong...I had fun! River Street was fun and we did enjoy ourselves because the weather was so beautiful and it's just nice to get away to a new place every now and then...break up the monotony, you know? But still, there's never anyplace like home. It felt so good to be able to sleep in my own bed last night, whew! We had to sleep in Mario's bed (Chris's little brother), and it was kinda lumpy and slanted to one side, so that every time Mia would move, she would slide over into me and cause me to slide over into Chris, causing none of us to have any room! (hah!) Next time we go down, we're DEFINITELY getting a hotel. I think that would have made the trip much more enjoyable. We did have a good time, overall.
Chris's cousin Cody got to stay down with us after his parents went home, and he's such a character! He's really hilarious and says the most random things, so he definitely helped to keep things fun! And Tina was sooo good with Mia! She kept her twice so that me and Chris could have some time to ourselves, which was SO good and so very nice of her to do that for us!
So overall, we had a good time =) I really would like to go back, maybe spend some more time at the beach this time though. Mia would like that =) Oh, we bought an XBox 360 today too, oy....Chris really talked me into it, and it was alot of money, but I think we're really going to enjoy it. We won't have to worry about playing anyone else's game from now on, so that's a plus. Anyway-I guess I better get back to work now. I'm glad I'm home; back to writing my blogs, hah!

Peace, Love, && Home<3


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to take a vacation-but it's always nicer to come home to your own bed.

I'm so glad ya'll had a good and safe trip!

Shania said...

You got a cute little blog here! i will coming back to check it out on a regular basis!