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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thinking Ahead.

Ok, so on a very serious note, me and Chris are starting to think of baby names. We know we want to have another baby and we're just trying to plan ahead so that we're prepared whenever that day may come. So, if it's a little boy, his name is already set in stone....kinda....We definitely know that his first name is going to be Micah (Micah and Mia, how cute is that?! hah!) but we're kind of undecided as of yet about his middle name. We have two choices...please give me your opinion.....

Micah Joel (our initial choice)
Micah Reuel (it's from the Bible, it means "Friend of God", and this is our newest choice)

Now, on to Girl names. I have to admit that we are totally STUMPED when it comes to girls' names. Nothing sounds right and nothing seems to fit =( So I realllly need some help. I have a long list, so please, PLEASE let me know which are your favorites and which you think would be best suited =) I would SO appreciate it! So, here's the list:

Adah Roe (which means "adorned")
Winter Roe
Adah Winter
Dawsyn Winter
Teagan Winter (which means beautiful, creative; one of my favorites!)
Marleigh (which I also like alot)

I know, a long list. So far that's all we've come up with. Chris keeps insisting that he's not good with names so basically I'm on my own =/ Gee, thanks Chris, hah! So anyway, any suggestions for names not on the list would be greatly appreciated as well, as well as input on the names I listed.

Peace, Love, and BabyNames<3


Anonymous said...

I am in love with the name Micah! And for some reason I'm drawn to the name Winter. But I love Teagan too!

What a hard choice you'll have to make.