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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How long must I wait?!

As most of you know who read my blog, I'm ADDICTED to "Twilight"...the movie and the entire series. I've never loved a series of books so much. So, of course I'm ADDICTED to the movie as well. I can't go without mentioning my fellow addicted Twilighters whom I love.....
Manda Chele and AprilRenee. (They know how I feel...hah!)

Anyway-me and Manda were texting tonight (as we do everday, it's just our thing) and she informed me that once "Twilight" comes out on DVD (March 21st) that she is gonna watch it everday over and over again. I informed her that I planned on doing the same thing, hah! I told her we needed to get together so that we could watch it over and over again TOGETHER! Of course, she LOVED this idea, so we've planned a movie night once "Twilight" comes out; just the two of us, Twilighters by nature, revelling in the magnificence of Stephenie Meyer's imagination and the characters that we get SO lost in! I can hardly wait!!!

Also, neither of us can believe how LONG we have to wait until "New Moon" FINALLY comes out! AH! We've already discussed how furious we're going to be with Edward and how much we're going to cry once he leaves =( *tear* Why did they decide to make a whole YEAR before the 2nd movie comes out?! It just doesn't make any sense! Don't they know how im-patiently all the fans are waiting for this movie?! And then they're gonna make us wait a whole year before we can even see it!!! UGH! hah! Anywho-I know this blog tonight wasn't very insightful, but I was just thinking about this and I wanted to blog about it anyway =) I hope all are blessed!

Peace, Love, && Twilighters<3


GoreObsessed said...

Hey the movie isnt gonna come out hahahah you have to wait forever