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Monday, April 06, 2009

My gift.

Just wanted to share the gifts I received today from one of my most favorite people in the whoooole world....my bestie, Manda. I love her soo much, and she always knows how to make me smile =) I'd be lost without the intimate conversations we have and without the time we get to spend with each other (even if it's not as often as we like).

She told me earlier in the week that she had gotten me a surprise for my new car. I couldn't wait to get it! She knows me so well, so I knew I'd love whatever it turned out to be. So today, this is what I received in the mail.....

...2 new vinyl stickers for my car!! "Twilight" themed, of course!!! AH! I was sooo excited that I went straight outside, in the freeeezing wind, and put them on! They look sooo great and I love them sooo much! She's so amazing! She told me later after I gave her a big ol' THANK YOU, that she couldn't decide which one she liked best, so she just got them both. This woman is incredible! She never ceases to amaze me, and I'd truly be lost without her. So thank you, Man, for my amazing gifts. (And how very appropriate considering that my car's name is "Esme") =)

I hope everyone reading this is having a great evening!

*Note: If by some chance you don't know who Esme, or the Cullens are, they're main characters from Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" =)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!--what an awesome gift! I'll be keeping a watch out for Esme and her awesome new stickers! I wish I could put the I love Vampires one on my car--but I'm pretty sure Lyde would have a stroke.

vixen kitten said...

Gaaaa I love them! I just watched the movie last week. I liked it so much I had to watch it again the next day. Now I'm on a mission to read all the books.

I honestly wasn't expecting to get so into it!

Have a beautiful day tomorrow, sweetie. Thanks for the sweet comments. You made my evening!


Country Delight* said...

I am so glad that you loved them!!