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Sunday, October 05, 2008

My mom's in the hospital.

My mom had to go the hospital last night. She had been complaining about having pains in her left arm and in her chest, so she went to the medical center. Do you know that she called her supervisor and her supervisor said this, "Well, we've already had 2 people call out already, so unfortunately you'll have to come in." Can you believe that?! How could anyone be so hateful?! She didn't even ask how my mom was doing, she just wanted to make sure that my mom would be in for work....If I could spit fire I would spit it in that woman's face!!! I don't even know her and she makes me want to vomit =(

Anyway, so they kept her overnight because her EKG was really bad, so an ambulance transported her from the medical center to the hospital. She was doing better this morning. She said she just has a headache and that she's hungry, because the hospital food is no nasty, haha I'm just glad that she's okay. It was so weird being here at the house last night without her. She's just like this permanent, this being that's always here no matter what! So it was weird having to get up this morning and not having her here.

But it's okay, because hopefully she'll get to come home tonight. But everyone who prayed about it, thank you. Your prayers mean the world and they truly DO help =)