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Thursday, March 26, 2009


If you're into SEXY books....and when I say sexy I mean RACY, DIRTY, I-probably-shouldn't-be-reading-these type of books....I highly recommend reading the "Ellora's Cave" collection of books. So far I've read the following in the collection:

Taming Him
All She Wants
Hurts So Good

And I'm about to start on Fever-Hot Dreams. The next book I plan on getting from this collection is Master of Secret Desires. There are a TON of books in this collection and each book contains 3-4 different stories of sex, love, and just all around dirty-make-you-wanna-blush types of scenarios. Seriously, my first book was Hurts So Good. The next day I ordered 3 more books from the collection! They're addictive and oh so naughty, but man are they good reads! I strongly recommend them...if you're not too embarrassed, of course ;)



Anonymous said...

Haha!-Brandi, I really loved this post.
..and I do kinda need something new to read...
haha, maybe you can pass them onto me?!?

vixen kitten said...

Oh. My!

I'll have to check these out. Not too much embarasses me!