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Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday Mommy.

So today is mine and MiaJolie's birthday. Of course, she's only a year old and I'm 22, ha. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was in a hospital room at Spalding Regional getting ready to deliver my precious angelbby. Seriously, how God works is amazing to me. I feel so lucky to share a birthday with my daughter. For the rest of our lives, that's gonna be something that we're able to share together; something that is always gonna link us no matter what.

Thanksgiving was truly amazing this year. We had WAY too much food for any of us to eat and we just had a sincerely good time being with family and friends. Me, my mom, and my sister went shopping this morning. I tell ya, when they let everyone go into Wal-Mart, you would've thought blood thirsty zombies were after the people in the store! Feet stomping, people running, snatching stuff away from other people; we saw this one kid, he was maybe 12 or 13, was carrying 5 vacuums! I tell ya, I'm all about a deal, but the first time someone would have run me over, there would have been a size 8 boot lodged up someone's rear.
We also put our Christmas tree up today =) The first year that we've put it up right after Thanksgiving. Last year, we put our tree up WAY too late, and we only had like, a week, to really enjoy it, so I'm glad we went ahead and put it up early this year. Mom bought a white Christmas tree, and me and Britty talked her into doing black and purple ornaments. Our tree is truly different...but that's just fine with us.

I'm really loving my new job. I loved being at home with Mia and taking care of her, but I always just felt like something was missing =( Now, I feel like I'm FULL! And I feel so happy about providing for my family. I still miss Mia and Chris, but I really love what I do, too.
I bought myself a birthday present today. A new Verizon Smartphone...and I'll tell ya, I don't feel so smart using it! haha! I LOVE it, but I'm still having to get used to it. It's amazing how knowledgeable technology is now a days. Now listen to me, I sound like an old lady! "Dang that new technology!!!" hahahahahaha
Oh well, I am another year older...=)


Ashley K said...

Happy birthday and Thanksgiving to ya'll! I'm so glad everything is working out for you and your precious family!